Why us?

We are a one-stop shop preparing middle and high school kids for college and career success. We use our own proprietary data analytics and data science to provide the best personalized recommendations for your child.

We focus on giving your child critical early exposure to relationship-building, and training them in the most in-demand skillsets today.

We are uniquely suitable.

Extensive Track Record

Our lead consultant, Professor Li Dan, has extensive experience crafting highly successful programs for Fudan University that have catapulted thousands of students to success not just at university, but also in the job market. 

International Education Standards

Professor Leong Kaiwen, our founding team member, hails from Singapore, home to one of the world’s best education systems. Having served on Singapore’s Ministry of Education’s syllabus development committee for A Levels, he uses his experience to perfect our program.

We go the extra mile.

Applied Learning Focus

Most education providers focus mainly on grades. We are the only provider that focuses on teaching students how to apply the knowledge they have learnt to produce real-world value. That’s why we employ only top-tier professors to teach our classes.

Personalized Advice

Every child is different and requires different strategies for optimal improvement. We refer to our proprietary dataset to provide the optimal study paths for each child so that everyone can learn at his or her own pace.

And deliver tremendous value.

High Class Engagement

Conventional MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses such as Coursera) often suffer from low completion rates of <5%. We don’t, because we prioritize student engagement. Our classes are delivered live and all professors engage students via in-class discussions and hands-on activities.

Premium Quality, Affordable Price Tag

We leverage our professional networks to bring quality instructors to you at a fraction of the cost, making learning opportunities more accessible to everyone regardless of their background.